Dune at Caledonian Lane

During the release of the 2021 American epic science fiction film, Dune, 10 artists created a gigantic mural over the whole of Caledonian Laneway in Melbourne. It was done in 6 weeks and used about 1000 litres of paint.

Painted over brick walls, warehouse windows and back doors, is this one massive art mural. You can’t help but notic

Sami’s Monday Murals

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

Monday Portraits



  1. Wow, what a beautiful mural. Someone was clearly impressed by the movie. I saw a mural dedicated to a tv show in Northern Ireland’s city Derry. The mural features the popular cast of Derry Girls, a comedy series that follows a group of five high school students navigating adolescence in the early-1990s, amid The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

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